The Power of Sound


MT1 EVO - 29 500/47000 ₪

Features heavy acrylic & steel hybrid platter. Has suspended subchassis on springs and a special oil damper. Teflon bearing magnetic with ceramic ball. AC synchronous motor of superior quality. Adjustable tonearm mounting plate (pivot adjustment) +/- 5mm. Start/stop system with touch sensor. Switchable auto-stop function – motor switches off automatically after 50 minutes. Parameters: Total turntable weight (w/o tonearm and record clamp) 18 kg Platter weight 8 kg. Width 47.5 cm Depth 40 cm Height (w/o tonearm and record clamp) 20 cm. Platter height 4 cm. Record rotary speed supported 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm. AC synchronous motor. Motor drive transfer with rubber belt. Tonearms supported: wide range of 9-inch tonearms Power source 230V, 50Hz.

MT2 Special Edition - 21 800 ₪ / 27 500 ₪

MT2 Special Edition with dedicated SORANE SA-1.2 or other 9 or 12'' tonearm is our special project. It's equipped with Muarah EVO hybrid integrated platter mat made of polished acid resistant, non-magnetic steel structure with exclusive Italian suede inserts (alu mat with foam inserts for MY-1/9 variant). Inserts are anti-static. Additional metal structure helps to even better control static electricity effects. Moreover hybrid mat unique construction helps to stabilize vinyl records with use of our optional heavy record clamp or our patented InteliClamp®. Thanks to years of our experience in building turntables we can offer a real Hi-End product in a very reasonable price.

MT2 - 19 600 ₪ / 24 000 ₪

MT2 has the most valuable features of MT1 but is much simpler and optimized in every detail. With MT1 shares Teflon bearing, multi layer acrylic main board and Muarah unique levelling system. Also the motor drive is of the same type: AC synchronous, but it’s now mounted in a separate heavy-weight housing in order to avoid vibrations. When put on sufficiently stiff and heavy stand made of concrete or thick wood it can results in vibration damping level close to MT1. MT2 is also more flexible in standard configuration thanks to easily adjustable arm board and can be equipped with many popular tonearms of effective length in 9 to 12” range. The platter is all acrylic 40mm thick and weights 3kg which is enough to ensure good level of RPM speed stability.

MT3 with MY-1/9' tonearms- 16 200 ₪

MT3 based on acrylic, this turntable's plinth is constructed from a thick MDF board and finished in a satin black. 30mm/2.5kg platter, is made from black acrylic. Original integrated turntable mat design, reminiscent of the MT-2 SE. The new turntable is compatible with tonearms that have an effective length of around 9 inches, which are among the most popular sizes. The design of the MT-3 model combines vintage aesthetics with modern technical solutions and materials, marking the introduction of a new turntable in Muarah's product lineup. In standard offered with our own designed MY-1/9 tonearm.


Muarah MY-1/9 - 9 700 ₪

Our own High End 9'' tonearm. Designed and manufactured in Poland. Very universal and refined in every detail. Quality, attention to detail and perfect operation are key features which make of this tonearm unique and give our customers ability to play vinyl records with great sound quality.


MU-4 EVO - from 25 500 ₪

Evolution Phono One - OP AMP phono preamplifier The Evolution Phono One is entry level OP AMP based phono preamplifier with separated MC and MM inputs as well as possibility to [...]MU-4 EVO is stereo integrated amplifier supporting KT-120, KT-88 or KT150 (depends on model) in the output stage. Output tubes work in Push-Pull and fixed bias mode with moderate 8dB negative feedback. It yields up to 70 Watts of power per channel and vivid, very dynamic sound. Biases of output tubes pair in each channel are maintained in exact symmetry by specialized servo. As a result harmonic distortion, noise and hum are effectively eliminated. Output transformers work in ultra linear mode for harmonic distortion reduction. Huge 400W toroidal transformer guarantees high margin of spare power supply for amplifier

MU2 Phonostage - 11 700 ₪

Evolution Line One - Tube preamplifier The Evolution Line One is full tube stereo line preamplifier in the Evolution series. It came as a logical extension of the Elegance Evolution power amplifier. [...]

PSC with InteliClamp - 9 400 ₪

PSC – Precision Speed Controller of turntable motor has been created for music lovers who have keen hearing sense and do not accept vinyl record sound height fluctuation. It also gives possibility to reduce motor noise and comfortable electronic 33/45rpm speed change. With combination with our innovative InteliClamp® PSC offers real speed measurement and presentation to the user online. This patented solution is the first-ever such kind of product on the market