MT2 has the most valuable features of MT1 but is much simpler and optimized in every detail. With MT1 shares Teflon bearing, multi layer acrylic main board and Muarah unique levelling system. Also the motor drive is of the same type: AC synchronous, but it’s now mounted in a separate heavy-weight housing in order to avoid vibrations. When put on sufficiently stiff and heavy stand made of concrete or thick wood it can results in vibration damping level close to MT1. MT2 is also more flexible in standard configuration thanks to easily adjustable arm board and can be equipped with many popular tonearms of effective length in 9 to 12” range. The platter is all acrylic 40mm thick and weights 3kg which is enough to ensure good level of RPM speed stability.

  • Category: Turntables


Acrylic platter – “sandwitch” construction
Adjusted armbase supports 9'' to 12'' tonearms
Long life teflon bearing
Separate weighty motor block
Easy leveling system
Sorane TA or Pro-Ject S-Shape tonearms in standard
Armboard can be adapted to other tonearm mounting standards