Evolution Phono One - OP AMP phono preamplifier The Evolution Phono One is entry level OP AMP based phono preamplifier with separated MC and MM inputs as well as possibility to [...]MU-4 EVO is stereo integrated amplifier supporting KT-120, KT-88 or KT150 (depends on model) in the output stage. Output tubes work in Push-Pull and fixed bias mode with moderate 8dB negative feedback. It yields up to 70 Watts of power per channel and vivid, very dynamic sound. Biases of output tubes pair in each channel are maintained in exact symmetry by specialized servo. As a result harmonic distortion, noise and hum are effectively eliminated. Output transformers work in ultra linear mode for harmonic distortion reduction. Huge 400W toroidal transformer guarantees high margin of spare power supply for amplifier

  • Category: Amplifier/Phonostage


Power frequency response +0dB/-0.25dB: 20Hz-20kHz @70W
Frequency response +0dB/-3dB: 10Hz-70kHz
Nominal Power at THD=1%: 2x70W (KT120) 2x60W (KT88)
Voltage gain @4/8Ω: 32/36dB
Noise A-weighted, input shorted @full power @4Ω: -104dBV
THD+N @1W : <0.05%
Damping factor @4Ω : 4.2
Speaker outputs: 4Ω, 8Ω
Tubes: 4xKT120 (or KT88, 6550. KT150), 2x6N1P, 2x12BH7
Dimensions (W/L/H): 43,5/43,5/23,5 cm
Weight: 21k