Since 1995, our uncompromising design and manufacturing approach, ensures the finest products available today. Modern manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art computer design technology and large investments in materials research have turned bygone phonographs into leading-edge technology. With other mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic equipment in development, AVID is a growing force throughout the audio market with a reputation for being "Closer to the truth".


Integra - 36 500 ₪

INTEGRA Integrated Amplifier. Since introducing its award-winning phonostage’s and Reference Series amplification, AVID has aimed to trickled down its own established bench marks to lower priced designs. INTEGRA becomes AVID’s entry level integrated amplifier and like its other products, has been designed to offer class leading performance, build quality and reliability.

Sigsum - 67 700 ₪

SIGSUM Integrated Amplifier. The Sigsum Integrated Amplifier is a logical development of our cascading product design. In all our designs, we are driven by sound quality and an uncompromising approach to offer the best in category.


Pellar Phono Stage - 5900 ₪

AVID's Pulsare and Pulsus phonostages have established high regard with customers and press alike. Directly related to the Pulsus the Pellar brings the possiblity of owning an AVID phonostage to a new entry level price point. Unusual at this price level, there are three gain options for MM, low and high gain MC cartridge types.

Pulsus Phono Stage - 10 800 ₪

AVID's Pulsare established a new benchmark in sound quality that a phonostage can achieve.

Pellere Phono Stage - 20 500 ₪

The Pellere mirrors the design innovation pioneered in the flagship Pulsare phonostage and bridges the gap to the Pulsus phonostage.

Pulsare II Phono Stage - 30 800 ₪

AVID's Pulsare II phono stage. 'The difference between simply listening to music and experiencing it.'


Ingenium P&P - 8 900 ₪

Ingenium P&P offers more people the chance of opening a window to quality audiophile vinyl reproduction, without feeling its "just another turntable" It's reassuringly an AVID turntable at an affordable price.

Ingenium - from 8 500 ₪ to 11 500₪

Since their introduction, our award winning Diva turntables have been the benchmark for entry level turntables. With the increased popularity of vinyl reproduction, but the ever increasing costs of production, the Diva for many has become an entry level aspiration.

Diva II - 13 800 ₪ (No Arm)

Originally our entry-level model, the Diva II shares the design philosophy and key elements of our more expensive designs. Far from being hamstrung by compromise as many ‘cost-down’ turntables are, Diva II has been engineered holistically – each part designed specifically to contribute to an overall performance which is quite simply remarkable both in value and absolute terms.

Diva II SP - 18 600 ₪ (No Arm)

Whilst Diva II sets the bar undoubtedly high, the Diva II SP edition reveals a genuine insight into the performance standards of high-end audio. Approaching the illustrious Volvere model in absolute terms, this is no mere cosmetic makeover.

Volvere SP - 28 400 ₪ (No Arm)

Many of the engineering innovations we have pioneered in our flagship, reference models are equally relevant to all our turntables. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Volvere.

Sequel SP - 39 900₪ (No Arm)

Sequel is so much more than a step-up model from the Volvere. With a touch of high-end engineering finesse, the already robust chassis and structure benefit from a bespoke suspension system, bearing and platter.

Acutus Dark - 52 800 ₪ (No Arm)

The Acutus DARK™ Limited Edition, was born in direct response to customers around the world requesting a black finish. In meeting this demand we have crafted the DARK Limited Edition, of which only a limited number of pieces will be manufactured.

Acutus Reference Mono SP

It’s been ten years since launching the Acutus Reference and little did people realise the improvement this would make to the original Acutus. For many the Reference opened their ears, unlocking their record collection and setting them on a compulsive journey of rediscovery.

Acutus Reference SP

The product that launched the AVID brand, over a decade ago, onto the world hi-fi scene was the critically acclaimed Acutus turntable. For the many experts and enthusiasts who have subsequently lived with this turntable, it was the start of a journey to reconnect with their music collection. Time, however, marches onward and a decade is a long time in the life of an engineering company.

Acutus SP

Acutus turntable is radically different from current design theories. Designed from a clean sheet, leaving nothing unexplored or unresolved. Setting a standard of musical reproduction others aspire to achieve. In brief, this is a belt drive, sprung subchassis design and this is where similarity with other designs stops. On first appearance you can see there is something different and you would be right.

Arm Package - From 2 600 ₪

Arm Package : Arm Adaptor Tonearm Cartridge


isorack 3 Posts - Black/Oak - 2050 ₪ לכל מדף

Isorak offers a high quality solution for audio equipment support allowing the heights and number of shelves to be tailored to suit individual installations. In building a hi-fi system that is capable of extracting the optimum performance from each component, the importance of the support system cannot be overstated.

Isorack 4 Posts - Black/Oak - 2250 ₪ לכל מדף

Isorak offers a high quality solution for audio equipment support allowing the heights and number of shelves to be tailored to suit individual installations. In building a hi-fi system that is capable of extracting the optimum performance from each component, the importance of the support system cannot be overstated.

Platform - ₪ 1290

AVID’s engineering is based upon a sound understanding of construction and its impact upon vibration dispersion and control. Ensuring that 100% of the vibrations that you want are converted to an electrical signal and, conversely, ensuring unwanted vibrations are eliminated. An isolation platform might seem like an unnecessary addition to an already fairly inert system – that is, until you try one. The benefits are not restricted to turntables either. CD players, Pre-amplifiers, especially valve-based products are transformed when they are isolated. The vibration-absorbing qualities of Sorbothane are well documented and have been used in high-end hi-fi equipment for several years now. In a three-way collaboration with a local university and the manufacturers of Sorbothane, we have pioneered the application of a new variant compound – the most impressive vibration absorbing material we have encountered.


level 45 - 350 ₪

Any precision instrument needs careful installation and our precision level is essential for best results. While other levels offer the ability to level a flat surface, most cannot level the platter correctly, especially in suspended designs.

Flat/Full Cover ₪680/₪2500

Our bespoke covers will enclose all our turntables and many others, offering full protection from dust and other dangers.

Arm Package - From 2 100 ₪

Arm Pakage: Arm Adaptor Tonearm Cartridge