PSC – Precision Speed Controller of turntable motor has been created for music lovers who have keen hearing sense and do not accept vinyl record sound height fluctuation. It also gives possibility to reduce motor noise and comfortable electronic 33/45rpm speed change. With combination with our innovative InteliClamp® PSC offers real speed measurement and presentation to the user online. This patented solution is the first-ever such kind of product on the market

  • Category: Amplifier/Phonostage



Nominal speed: 33.33, 45.00 rpm
Output 230V (5W max), <2% THD (Note 1)
Output frequency stability < +/-0.00005%
Output frequency error < 0.0005%
Speed measurement resolution +/- 0.01 rpm
Pitch control +/-2rpm with 0.01rpm resolution
Automatic speed regulation accuracy 33.33, 45.00rpm +/-0.01 rpm
Dimensions (width/length/height) 21cm/35cm/11cm
PSC weight 3.1kg
InteliClamp® dimensions (diameter/height) 78mm/52mm
InteliClamp® weight 570g
Power consumption < 40VA