MT2 Special Edition with dedicated SORANE SA-1.2 or other 9 or 12'' tonearm is our special project. It's equipped with Muarah EVO hybrid integrated platter mat made of polished acid resistant, non-magnetic steel structure with exclusive Italian suede inserts (alu mat with foam inserts for MY-1/9 variant). Inserts are anti-static. Additional metal structure helps to even better control static electricity effects. Moreover hybrid mat unique construction helps to stabilize vinyl records with use of our optional heavy record clamp or our patented InteliClamp®. Thanks to years of our experience in building turntables we can offer a real Hi-End product in a very reasonable price.

  • Category: Turntables


Acrylic 3kg platter
Muarah EVO hybrid integrated platter mat
33/45 manual speed change
Comfortable leveling system
Two layer acrylic base
Available colors: black only
Dedicated tonearm: SORANE SA-1.2 9″
Armboard can be adapted to other tonearm mounting standards
Hi-End phono cable with 5-pin connector