Maker of electron tubes and high fidelity


300B Electron Tube

Upgrade your amplifier setup with the finest electron tube ever made. The type 300B is made by hand in the USA using the original Western Electric specifications from 1938. Available in matched pairs, quad sets, and singles.

91E Integrated Amplifier

Experience a powerful new classic from the makers of the original 300B. The Western Electric 91E is a Class A, single-ended (SE), integrated amplifier for high-fidelity audio reproduction. The 91E was made for the Western Electric 300B to provide end users the highest possible performance and quality.

97A Monoblock Amplifiers

The Western Electric® 97A Monoblocks are created for those of taste and distinction with the means to fulfill their audio dreams. For well-heeled audiophiles who, like other connoisseurs, want to take what’s there and make it better. For tube aficionados whose eyes brighten when speaking of the fabled Western Electric 300B, we present the magnificent 97A Monoblocks Amplifiers.