Network Switch

Bonn N8 - 1 900 ₪

Audio grade network switch with low-noise, less-interference, and high-precision clock techniques to build a Hi-Fi network system.

Bonn N8-Pro - 5 900 ₪

The Audiophile Grade Audio Network Switch That Unifies Digital Music With The Ultimate HiFi Experience

Bonn NX - 15 500 ₪

The Ultimate Audiophile-Grade Network Switch! Bonn NX: The Audiophile’s Network Switch Silent Angel employs an uncompromising approach towards designing and executing electronic circuits. Isolating, filtering and reducing noise preserves the integrity of the source and delivers a pure signal to connected components. As with all Silent Angel products, our objective is to ensure the device operates at a stable system voltage, sends precisely timed packets and reduces extraneous output noise. We have found that even the smallest enhancement can slightly improve sound quality and the implementation of many small enhancements can unleash the ultimate potential of High Resolution Streaming Networks. Bonn NX is the culmination of everything we have learned about engineering Audio-Grade Network Switches: it delivers the highest sonic performance currently available.

Genesis GX - 14 900 ₪

"Audio-Grade" Word Clock Takes Digital Streaming to the Next Level Ultra-Performance Word Clock: Scientific Precision for Audiophiles “Stand-Alone” Word Clocks are the Final Frontier of system enhancement, providing audio and network performance upgrades attainable in no other way. Silent Angel created the Genesis GX to be the ultimate audiophile Word Clock: take your system to the next level with Genesis!

Power supply

Forester F2 - 5 800 ₪

The Forester F2 model adopts Silent Angel’s power stabilization technology. Housed in an elegant metal enclosure with solid and thick aluminum alloy (8 mm) front and rear panels, it’s designed to reduce any possible machine vibrations and noises. The top and bottom are made of high-quality SECC galvanized steel, which is highly anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. The AC power flows through the toroidal transformer with high-quality power management, MOSFET components with fast response time. Thus, supplying an extremely stable DC power with ultra-low voltage fluctuation to the connected devices.

Server / Streamer DAC

Rhein Z1 Plus Server - From 12 700₪

The Rhein Z1 Plus takes the success of the Rhein Z1 to new heights. As a high-performance music server, the Z1 Plus offers a powerful upgrade over the popular Rhein Z1. With support for high-resolution audio formats, including DSD512 and PCM up to 768KHz, it delivers exceptional digital audio playback. The two Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure the player with the least disturbed network environment, making the Z1 Plus the perfect choice for audiophiles. The Z1 Plus enhances your audio output with its built-in noise reduction, providing a crystal-clear listening experience. Its ability to simultaneously output audio from multiple players makes it a versatile solution for high-resolution music streaming. Experience superior digital audio with the Rhein Z1 Plus.

Rhein Z1 Server - From 9 200₪

High-performance music server with an advanced hardware mainboard, high-quality CNC aluminum alloy chassis, and optimized music server OS & software giving the pleasant user experience. Z1 is the ideal digital music center for your home audio network, as well as a solid computing node to serve versatile streaming services. Enjoy superior sound quality through your HiFi system.

Munich M1 Streamer DAC - 5 890 / 6490 ₪

A compact, feature-rich, high-quality network streamer designed for music lovers who want to obtain more audio sources, but also want to enjoy the purest audio quality possible. The M1’s hardware and software are optimized for better sound quality by improving many details without compromise.

Munich M1T Streamer - 4 790/5 290 ₪

A compact, feature-rich, high-quality network music transporter. It is an ideal addition to your existing DAC and HiFi system, so that you can discover the potential of digital music and high-resolution streaming services.