WAVELIGHT Pre/DAC - 22 500₪

Rockna Wavelight Pre/DAC SMOOTH AS SILK R2R discrete ladder DSP units are performing high precision Operating as a preamplifier Volume control inside the Wavelight is fully analogue

WAVEDREAM Pre/DAC - Edition SE/XLR 29 800₪/37 500₪ - Signature SE/XLR 47 500₪/67 000₪

Rockna Wavedream DAC The sound you've waited for, AND BEYOND. Wavedream DAC are completely based on a single piece of programmable silicon: an FPGA. Very flexible system that protects against obsolescence. PERSONALIZED DIGITAL FILTERS Dedicated dac modules called RD-0 (Signature - 27 bits) and RD-1 (Edition - 26 bits) The preamplifier function. Completely symmetrical design

WAVEDREAM NET - 39 700 ₪

LOCAL, LAN AND DISC MEMORY TRANSPORT The Wavedream NET is a unique product which adds together a high performance audio server and a latest generation, memory-based cd transport. You can enjoy your cd collection, internal storage playback or latest streaming experience from only one machine. The NET is naturally the best complementary source for the Wavedream DAC over the HDlink(I2S) connection.