MT3 based on acrylic, this turntable's plinth is constructed from a thick MDF board and finished in a satin black. 30mm/2.5kg platter, is made from black acrylic. Original integrated turntable mat design, reminiscent of the MT-2 SE. The new turntable is compatible with tonearms that have an effective length of around 9 inches, which are among the most popular sizes. The design of the MT-3 model combines vintage aesthetics with modern technical solutions and materials, marking the introduction of a new turntable in Muarah's product lineup. In standard offered with our own designed MY-1/9 tonearm.

  • Category: Turntables


Acrylic platter
Supports 9'' tonearms
Long life teflon bearing
Easy leveling system
Muarah MY-1/9 tonearm in standard
Armboard can be adapted to other tonearm mounting standards