Premium Horn Loudspeakers


Gran Gioia MK 2

The Bass Phase Plug, the new horn throat construction, the further simplification, the new micrometrical regulation of the horn shift. This is about the technological steps further. In terms of music, each technological step further is a step nearer to reality.

Gran Gioia 2x10"

Working on a new horn concept to have a smaller full horn loudspeaker, it developed to become a proficient loudspeaker in a certain kind of coaxial configuration: the two woofers working in the same horn mutate to one only loudspeaker. Therefore it is a Coax a 'la Blumenhofer' with a compression driver horn in the middle.

SERIE Classic

1743 - 1733 - 1722

These loudspeakers have borne in cooperation Old School HiFi to fulfil their wish to have vintage looking loudspeakers playing the Blumenhofer way. The result was a longer development than expected with nice spin offs. If You like old stuff… here You are right.


Original Bass Reflex - Horn combination.

Several times did our Genuin Series a prize for its audiophiles qualities: its authenticity and its naturalness. Another added value is the recognized Tube friendliness of these loudspeakers. The Loudspeakers of the Genuin series offer bass reflex construction and a true compression driver horn for the mid high frequencies.


Tempesta Series

Originally borne for Home Cinema: unmatched for music as well


Fun Series

The Fun series loudspeakers convince for their transparency and completeness in compact and elegant cabinets. The Fun models own a quarter wavelength bass horn combined with a silk dome tweeter.


Bookshelf loudspeakers

Easy to hide... but so beautiful that it is a pity not to see them. The Bookshelves are based on a bass reflex construction ported to the back of the loudspeaker, in order to exploit as much as possible the wall effect.


4X180 / 2X220

Our target was to be able to deliver the Blumenhofer sound in an elegant outfit. Keeping speed, horn and power. Transmitting the goosebumps and the intention of the musician. All technologies developed in the last years have been implemented in these loudspeakers. The construction is quite complex but highly effective.