Founded in 2002, Polish loudspeaker brand hORNS, part of the Auto-Tech group, offer excellent performance for their price and specialise in front loaded horn and waveguide speakers - their high efficiency making them a good match for a variety of amplifiers, including low-power tube amps. Get ready for a blast!


Universum MK4

The Horns Universum is a thoroughly engineered ultra-fi loudspeaker system. Behind the daring styling, a Universum packs ultimate technologies like a pair of Berylium-diaphragmed compression drivers, a separately amplified bass system employing a 15" professional woofer, and distinctive, Le Cléac’h-insired state of the art acoustical horns, a culmination of a hundred years of classic horn theory. While a bold statement in any fine interior, Universum is also on the leading edge of one of the most proven and highly regarded sound-reproducing philosophies known: Very high musical responsiveness, very low distortion, and a certain dynamic rightness only possible from this format. The large format horn system has the focus, precision, immediacy, and sheer musical sophistication nothing else can match.


FP serie

FP6 - 11 000 ₪

The Horns FP6 stand monitor has something not usually found in the audiophile's precision stand monitor: The sophisticated sound possible only from a horn treble driver. Experienced audiophiles know the compression treble driver and excellent horn design can create a degree of dynamic poise, nuance, and simple acoustical "rightness" just not found in a conventional speaker.

FP10 - 24 000 ₪

With the energy of a high-output 10" midwoofer to drive it, the Horns FP10 monitor is a mid-sized, pro-grade reference monitor for a lot of uses. As expected from the imported Horns lineup, the FP10 features a premium-grade 1" compression driver behind a carefully designed acoustical horn made from polished, molded, synthetic concrete. The FP10's entire front baffle is crafted from this advanced material, and it both houses and dampens the 10" midwoofer.

FP15 - 39 800 ₪ (49 000 ₪ Beryllium)

Natural expanding of hORNS’s  FP family which started with launching FP-10 model. It makes all bigger and richer with SEOS 15 horn adopted into the front panel as well as a use of 15 ” woofer. It’s  perfect match for all those flea power amplifiers around with its high efficiency and an outstanding dynamics and tonal balance. Top of the range FP – 15 is also available with Beryllium compression driver as an option.


Mummy - 27 000 ₪

2 way speakers, built on the basis of carefully selected transducers. A twelve inch woofer with a powerful magnet system and a very low moving mass provides amazing transient reproduction and a powerful bass.

FP & Aria finishes