Features heavy acrylic & steel hybrid platter. Has suspended subchassis on springs and a special oil damper. Teflon bearing magnetic with ceramic ball. AC synchronous motor of superior quality. Adjustable tonearm mounting plate (pivot adjustment) +/- 5mm. Start/stop system with touch sensor. Switchable auto-stop function – motor switches off automatically after 50 minutes. Parameters: Total turntable weight (w/o tonearm and record clamp) 18 kg Platter weight 8 kg. Width 47.5 cm Depth 40 cm Height (w/o tonearm and record clamp) 20 cm. Platter height 4 cm. Record rotary speed supported 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm. AC synchronous motor. Motor drive transfer with rubber belt. Tonearms supported: wide range of 9-inch tonearms Power source 230V, 50Hz.

  • Category: Turntables


MT1 EVO  Turntable is a Muarah flagship construction. Thanks to carefuly selected materials for subchassis and platter the sound is free from resonances and vibrations. Platter is a hybrid acrylic+steel combination. It sonically  outperforms any solid design. MT1 EVO inherits all technical features from it's predecessor MT1 but additionaly introduces new details of external appearance: record mat rosette as integral part of the platter and modified leveling konbs with acrylic inserts. As a standard MT1 EVO is equipped with high-end Mørch tonearm and phono cable. It places MT1 EVO in exclusive category of the best turntables on the market. It's not only perfect mechanism. It's piece of art!

Hybrid design weighty platter with leather/stainless steel rosette record mat
Suspended construction with subchassis on springs
Unique oil damper to prevent subchassis oscillations
Teflon bearing with magnetic suspension
Motor START/STOP touch sensor
Auto stop feature – automatic switch off after 50min.
Easy leveling system
High-End Mørch DP-8 or DP-6 tonearms in standard
Armboard can be adapted to other tonearm mounting standards