The Rhein Z1 Plus takes the success of the Rhein Z1 to new heights. As a high-performance music server, the Z1 Plus offers a powerful upgrade over the popular Rhein Z1. With support for high-resolution audio formats, including DSD512 and PCM up to 768KHz, it delivers exceptional digital audio playback. The two Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure the player with the least disturbed network environment, making the Z1 Plus the perfect choice for audiophiles. The Z1 Plus enhances your audio output with its built-in noise reduction, providing a crystal-clear listening experience. Its ability to simultaneously output audio from multiple players makes it a versatile solution for high-resolution music streaming. Experience superior digital audio with the Rhein Z1 Plus.

  • Category: Server / Streamer DAC


  • TCXO Clock (25MHz):
    With two TCXOs for two Ethernet ports, there is no clock signal interference between each other.
  • NVMe SSD:
    All-flash NVMe SSD storage solution with high performance, high capacity, and low latency. The Z1 Plus has specially-picked SSD modules with an EMI absorber and a special power regulation circuit inside to isolate the power noise from the SSD controller chip, making it an ideal storage solution for audio playback.
  • DDR4 RAM:
    Special-picked low-power DDR4 modules, up to 32GB by the model of choice.
  • Input Power Conditioning Module:
    High-frequency noise filter circuit for power input, ensuring that the signal of accuracy, low noise, and phase synchronization is transmitted to the Z1 Plus.
  1. Noise Reduction Circuit for USB Audio Output:
    With this high-frequency noise filter circuit for USB Audio Output, the Z1 Plus is able to reduce noise and distortion during USB Audio playback.
  2. Internal/External Clock Selector Switch:
    It enables you to seamlessly switch between internal and external clock sources.
  3. Receiving the External Clock Input Port:
    Accepts external clock input from an external device, ensuring a highly accurate word clock single that can be further upgraded. It features a gold-plated port and accepts frequencies of 25MHz.
  4. USB Ports:
    USB ports give you the option to connect to external storage devices when needed.
  5. Ethernet Ports:
    The Z1 Plus features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one for network connectivity and one for an audio player.

Rhein Z1 vs Z1 Plus Comparison

Rhein Z1Rhein Z1 Plus
Launch Date2019February 2023
CPUIntel Quad-core CPU J3160Intel Quad-core CPU J6413
RAM8GB / 16GB16GB / 32GB
Storage0TB / 1TB / 2TB
250GB / 4TB
Word ClockRegular ClockHighly Accurate TCXO Clock
External Clock Input PortN/A25MHz x 1
Ethernet1GbE x 11GbE x 2
Expansion USB PortUSB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
USB 3.1 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
USB Audio OutputFirst Generation USB Audio Output with Noise ReductionSecond Generation USB Audio Output with Improved Noise Reduction Enhancement
Type-CN/Ax 1
Multiple Audio Players Output Simultaneouslyx 2x 10
PCMUp to 768KHz 32-BitUp to 768KHz 32-Bit
DSDPlayback: up to DSD256
Roon DSP Transcoding: Not supported
Playback: up to DSD512
Roon DSP Transcoding: up to DSD256
Dimension7.87(W) Inch X 2.56(H) Inch X 7.87(D) Inch
200(W) mm x 65(H) mm x 200(D) mm
7.87(W) Inch X 2.56(H) Inch X 7.87(D) Inch
200(W) mm x 65(H) mm x 200(D) mm

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