The Horns Universum is a thoroughly engineered ultra-fi loudspeaker system. Behind the daring styling, a Universum packs ultimate technologies like a pair of Berylium-diaphragmed compression drivers, a separately amplified bass system employing a 15" professional woofer, and distinctive, Le Cléac’h-insired state of the art acoustical horns, a culmination of a hundred years of classic horn theory. While a bold statement in any fine interior, Universum is also on the leading edge of one of the most proven and highly regarded sound-reproducing philosophies known: Very high musical responsiveness, very low distortion, and a certain dynamic rightness only possible from this format. The large format horn system has the focus, precision, immediacy, and sheer musical sophistication nothing else can match.

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Way    3
Woofer/midwoofer    1×15”
High range 1×1”    1×1” Beryllium
Middle range    1×2” Beryllium
Crossover    6dB and 12dB per octave, extracted, high quality
Box    140 litre, Composite bass case with sound
isolator, composite mid- and high- tones
horns, powder painted frame
Sensitivity    100 dB
Frequency range    30-23000 Hz
Impedance    8 Ohm
Terminal    Double wire, WBT
Box dimensions    1090x1638x630 [mm]
Stand dimensions    –
Weight of speaker    100 kg