The Western Electric® 97A Monoblocks are created for those of taste and distinction with the means to fulfill their audio dreams. For well-heeled audiophiles who, like other connoisseurs, want to take what’s there and make it better. For tube aficionados whose eyes brighten when speaking of the fabled Western Electric 300B, we present the magnificent 97A Monoblocks Amplifiers.

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Effortless Power Delivery

Demonstrating the WE 97A Monoblocks around the world we realized people quickly fell silent as the music began. The sheer quality and transparency of sound, the focus, the presence and imaging palpability, the depth and width of the recording’s soundstage are all extraordinarily rendered. The smooth, low distortion and effortless power delivery, the deep, controlled bass, the delectable WE 300B midrange, and seductive highs deeply engage the listener; it’s easier to fall into the music’s embrace when it’s so enticingly rich and natural.

Plush and Enveloping Sound

Regarding the WE 97A Monoblocks’ fast, detailed, yet altogether plush and enveloping sound, no less a personage than the late, lamented Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound wrote: “With no loss of focus or euphonic second harmonic, we can actually hear ‘behind’ images in the sound-field occasioned by the retrieval of extremely subtle ambient cues, the kind you take for granted when you’re listening to unamplified music.”

A Satisfying and Engaging Musical Experience

The WE 97A’s specifications are beyond reproach with 80 watts per channel RMS and eight WE 300Bs per side, as well as three 6SN7GTBs and a single 6SL7. You’ll love the 3D-like air and separation between performers with a side-to-side, top-to-bottom coherency that transcends the mechanics of playback.

You can try listening to the WE 97A Monoblocks in a casual way but it’s not easy, they draw you into the performance; you hear it, you feel it, the emotion washes over you, an all-enveloping musical experience, so very satisfying.


Rated Power Output
80 watts RMS per channel

Input Sensitivity
0.50 volts for full output

Input Impedance
500k ohms

Frequency Response
+/- 1 dB from 10Hz to 100kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion
10 watts output: < 0.05%
50 watts output: < 0.15%
80 watts output: <.90%

Signal to Noise Ratio
-100 dB below 80 watts

Damping Factor

Power Consumption
400 watts (true RMS)

Output Impedance
4 / 8 ohms

Tube Component (per channel)
8 x 300B / 3 x 6SN7GTB / 1 x 6SL7

Dimensions (per channel)
435mm W x 825mm D x 275mm H
(17.1in W x 32.5in D x 10.8in)

Net Weight (per channel)
165 lbs.



Power On / Off

Power Meter LED
Low / Medium / High


120 volts

Fuse Holder
15 amps / 32 volts 313

Single-Ended RCA
Balanced XLR
Toggle Switch / Single-Ended or Balanced

Speaker Connections: Common / 4 ohms / 8 ohms

Point to Point Wiring
MIL-W-16878 PFTE stranded silver-plated copper wire