The Verity Audio’s digital audio converter (DAC) is directly derived from our Monsalvat’s breathtaking PRO-6, sharing the same technologies and refinement. The Verity DAC plays music through an array of industry-standard USB, AES/EBU, and S/PDIF digital inputs compatible with music files up to 32 bits/384 kHz PCM or DSD 64, 128 and 256. It can easily switch between preamp/DAC and pure DAC modes by toggling volume control on or off through an uncomplicated menu. The Verity DAC comes in a chassis of thick aluminum plates featuring an anodized finish of the highest quality. Its design gives no ground to compromise, as per Verity’s traditional philosophy. The Verity DAC includes state-of-the-art circuitry architecture that reaches peak performance for a purely digital preamplifier. Yet, it still features all the advantages expected of a reference-level digital audio converter. The result is an astonishing high-quality DAC offering pure sound transparency and fluidity, extended bandwidth, and an ultra-high dynamic range. The Verity DAC is a new touchstone of technology that redefines digital audio conversion, embodying the essence behind all Verity Audio products.

  • Category: Electronics


  • Maximum resolution: 32 bits / 384 kHz, or DSD 64, 128 & 256;
  • Internal architecture: Computing at 72 bits/98 MHz;
  • Center Core: Powerful FPGA computing 100 billion operations per second (100+ GMAC/s);
  • Analog outputs: Electrically isolated with 8 DAC / 32 bits in parallel;
  • Analog to digital separation: High-performance high-speed digital galvanic isolators;
  • Interface: Ergonomic with high-resolution color screen;
  • Chassis: Thick and solid anti-vibration anodized aluminum;
  • Analog power supply: 27 ultra-low-noise;
  • Digital power supply: 6 ultra-low-noise;
  • Isolation platform: optional;