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2nd generation of our bestseller

The BMLine 15 (ver2017) is a complete overhaul of the very successful and acclaimed BMLine 15. All parts responsible for playback have been revised and optimized. For example, in the bass, three chassis are used for playback instead of the previous two, the amplifier power has been increased and with the introduction of the DMC2.0 membrane control, the performance has been significantly increased again. The midrange is reproduced via a special inverted dome chassis manufactured by B&M and expanded downwards by 200 Hertz. The mid-high unit now converts all frequencies above the bass range up to the highest tones in a compact unit with a gently directed dispersion. The dome tweeter has grown in diameter and plays extremely homogeneously and without distortion. The construction as a DvX™ (“Directed Virtual Coax”) allows monitoring in the near field as well as at greater distances.

The FPGA-based software DSP of the large Line Series loudspeakers uses B&M's own FIRTEC™ technology to ensure phase-linear, time-correct playback with phenomenal tonal neutrality. The housing, manufactured using sandwich technology, consists of an MDF basic housing with solid wood sides.

DvX™ technology:

The concept of the directed, virtual coax is realized by two mid-range speakers whose transmission band is selected in such a way that the two membranes of the mid-range speakers appear physically like a connected cone. By positioning the tweeter exactly in the center of this virtual membrane surface, a coaxial loudspeaker is created which, due to the principle involved, does not even allow runtime differences to arise when changing the listening position in the near field. In combination with the waveguide, this creates a directional coax with directional radiation, which reduces reflections on the side walls of the listening room.

Technical specifications

Front 3 x:
 8" carbon fiber bass chassis with B&M DMC2.0 control

Front 2 x:
 5" B&M midrange chassis with inverted dome

Front 1 x:
 1.2" fabric dome

Amplifier power:
bass 500 / middle 180 / treble 120 W analogue power amplifiers

Frequency range:
25 - 22000 Hz (+/- 3 dB), separation at 200 Hz, 1500 Hz

Input sensitivity: up to 10 dBu

AD Converter:
24-bit Sigma Delta AD Converter

DA converter:
24-bit Sigma Delta DA converter up to 192 KHz

Analog IN, OUT:
 XLR balanced

Digital IN: 

XLR-AES3 for direct connection to digital source

FPGA with software-based DSP, updateable

Room adaptation:
using 6 filters, distance shift, subwoofer mode

 Room adaptation optional B&M-PPG:
with 6 filter banks
(4 directly accessible via buttons)

Dimensions: H x W x D
134 x 37 x 41 cm
51 kg