The BMIce 500 series offers the right connection for all possible devices. Whether analogue balanced or unbalanced, digital AES or SPDIF, optical or via cinch, whether via Bluetooth ApTx or vinyl, the BMIce 500 is the perfect partner for every source for music playback at the highest level.

  • Category: B&M Ice Preamp


Technical specifications:

2 stereo HD DA converters, 24-bit / 192 KHz sigma-delta converter (Burr-Brown) in mono mode

Analog In:

  •  1 pc Stereo RCA, 4.0 V dBV (optional vinyl)
  • 1 pc Stereo XLR balanced (optional vinyl) 


  • 2 pcs. TOSlink optical SPDIF, 96KHz, 24-bit
  • 2 pcs. Coax RCA SPDIF, 192 KHz, 24 bit
  • 1 pc AES3 XLR IN, 192KHz, 24bit
  • 1 pc USB In 192KHz KHz, 24 bit

 Analog Out: 

  • 1 pc Cinch stereo, signal-to-noise ratio > 120 dB
  • 1 pc XLR stereo, signal-to-noise ratio > 120 dB

 Digital Out: 

  • 2 pcs. XLR AES3 


  • Clock recovery algorithm to provide high precision clock resampling to match all sources to the master clock 
  • digital, analog volume control on rotary knob or via 
  • Infrared infrared remote control for:
  • Input channel selection, volume ON/OFF 


  • BMIce 510 with aptX HD Bluetooth
  • BMIce 515 with aptX HD Bluetooth + PPG remote + FSVC volume control
  • BMIce 525 with aptX HD Bluetooth + PPG Remote + FSVC volume control

      + Phono module with digital RIAA equalization 

Dimensions height without button: H x W x D 80 x 44 x 26 cm