Music is emotion. Perfect music reproduction relies on knowing what evokes those emotions. In 1996, Johannes Siegler, chief developer and partner at Backes&Müller, developed and successfully marketed the world's first loudspeaker with digital signal processing. These and more Today, B&M innovations establish the reference status of the BMLine series loudspeakers

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The B&M DMC(TM) technology

In the bass, B&M's own DMC™ control, which has been further developed and patented, achieves the same exact music reproduction in an analogue way as the signal processor in the upper frequency band. The combination of digital signal processing in conjunction with B&M's own analog DMC™ control results in an exact linearization in magnitude and phase. The BMLine thus has a constant phase curve of zero degrees, or to put it musically: all frequencies reach the listener's ear at the same time. The result is an unbelievably true-to-impulse reproduction in connection with an exact spatial representation of the stage and the panorama, the listener is thus right in the middle of the musical event.  

2 x DMC™-controlled 12" basses
6 x 6.5" carbon membrane chassis with FIRTEC™ equalization
1 x 1.8" Fraunhofer cylindrical wave radiator
(pat. DE102015102643A) Amplifier
Bass 800 / 1200 W
middle 600 / 900 W
Treble 300 W
Frequency range:
22 - 24000 Hz (+/- 3 dB), separation at 80 Hz, 800 Hz
input sensitivity up to 10 dBu
AD converter:
24-bit Sigma Delta DA converter up to 192 KHz
DA -Converter:
24-bit Sigma Delta DA converter up to 192 KHz
Analog IN, OUT:
Digital IN:
Digital AES input for direct connection to digital source
FPGA with software-based DSP updateable
Room adjustment:
optional B&M PPG:
with 6 filter banks
  (4 directly accessible via buttons)
Dimensions W × H × D 0.39x1.79x0.54m