With the BMLine 50 and the BMLine 35, the NExT concept has been successfully implemented in recent years introduced to the market. The new BMLine 25 consistently implements this development in a more compact design around. However, the assembly is very similar: Four 8" carbon membrane bass chassis on the back, four Carbon membrane midrange driver in the front and a BM Air Motion midrange high-frequency unit for the whole high frequency range.

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Technical specifications

A software-based digital signal processor (DSP) is implemented in the newly developed electronics in FPGA design ("Field Programmable Gate Array"), which maps the mathematical model of the loudspeaker with all relevant physical properties and the correct one thousands of times every second equalization calculated. The loudspeaker consisting of chassis, housing and electronics is considered as a complete system and completely corrected. This means exact pre-regulation for the entire mid-high range without any control loop error or dead time. The AD and DA converters used are "state of the art" and cover a range in terms of performance and dynamics that is absolutely suitable for "live".

In the bass, B&M's own DMC™ control, which has been further developed and patented, achieves the same exact music reproduction in an analogue way as the signal processor in the upper frequency band. The combination of digital signal processing in conjunction with B&M's own analog DMC™ control results in an exact linearization in magnitude and phase. The BMLine 25 thus has a constant phase curve of 0°, or to put it musically: all frequencies reach the listener's ear at the same time. The result is an unbelievably impulse-accurate reproduction in connection with an exact spatial representation of the stage and the panorama. 

Rear 4 x:
  DMC-controlled 8" bass speakers

Front 4 x:
  6.5" midrange drivers with carbon

Front 1 x:
  mid-high cylindrical wave radiator

Power amplifier power
Bass 800 / 1000 W
Middle 400 / 600 W
  Treble 300 W RMS/Peak

Frequency range:
  22 - 24000 Hz (+/- 3 dB), X-Over: 80 Hz, 850 Hz

Input sensitivity:
  up to 10 dBu

AD converter:
  24-bit Sigma Delta AD converter up to 192 KHz

DA converter:
  24-bit Sigma Delta DA converter up to 192 KHz

Analog IN, OUT XLR balanced
subwoofer out
Digital IN AES digital input for digital source

DSP FPGA with software-based DSP, updateable
process FIRTEC equalizer, FIR crossover, limiter

Space Customization:

  optional B&M PPG:
with 6 filter banks
(4 directly accessible via buttons)

Dimensions W × H × D 0.32x1.60x0.42m