Gran Gioia MK 2

The Bass Phase Plug, the new horn throat construction, the further simplification, the new micrometrical regulation of the horn shift. This is about the technological steps further. In terms of music, each technological step further is a step nearer to reality.

  • Category: SERIE GIOIA



• High efficiency
• 2-Ways loudspeaker


• Front midrange horn
• New Phase Plug technology
• Floor ported Bass-Reflex
• Harmonic construction


• 1.4” Compression Driver with Titan membrane
• 38cm (16") Paper Woofer
• Gold plated tellurium copper terminals


• 2-1dB-steps level adjustment for the horn
• Bi-wiring- / Bi-amping -terminals
• Micrometrical regulation for Time alignment
• Switchable impedance linearisation for the crossover frequency
• Tube Friendly
• 10 years Warranty