Tara 30A - Preamplifier Redefining the concept pre-amplifier, that was the goal set for Trafomatic Audio. Since the Elysium State of the Art tube power-amplifiers were launched [...]

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Tara 30A – Preamplifier

Redefining the concept pre-amplifier, that was the goal set for Trafomatic Audio.

Since the Elysium State of the Art tube power-amplifiers were launched in 2016 the search started for a matching quality tube pre-amplifier with some additional features. For instance, an extreme low output impedance. Not only for matching with different power amps, but as well for the use of long, high quality interconnects. Extremely hard to find in pre-amp tube designs.

Also the need for a perfect balance between the channels was on the wish list. Not just a common balance, this is available on several pre-amps worldwide, unfortunately they are never as accurate as wished for. What was needed is a highly precise adjustment between both the channels measured in mV for the highest accuracy.

Since none of the available pre-amplifiers on the market were up to this task it was decided to develop this in house at Trafomatic.

It took more than 3 years to fine-tune ideas, but at the end it was there: Based upon spring suspended Emission Labs 30A tubes, Dynamic Balance Adjustment, extreme low output impedance, specially designed output transformers and chokes.

The final challenge was the visual design. This much amplifier fitting a moderate housing was impossible, but at the end a 2-chassis, organic design in the Trafomatic house style was created.

We present you: The Trafomatic TARA 30A pre-amplifier!


Full balanced  Class A preamplifier with line output transformers.
Separate power supply
Volume Remote controlled.

Gain: 21dB with 6N30P , 25dB with 6N6P
Input transformers: Customized LL1592 high level line input mu metal core based transformers
S/N: – 98dB
Inputs: 3x XLR , 1x RCA
Outputs: 2xRCA, 2xXLR by channel

Output Impedance:  25 Ohms, XLR and RCA
Frequency Response: 5Hz- 200KHz (-1dB)
Vacuum Tube Complement: 2x 6N30P (6N6P) , 4x EML 30A
Power supply: Low Induction toroid transformer by Trafomatic Audio, High Inductivity custom made chokes, Mundorf MLytic HV type
Requirements : 230V/50Hz -115V/60Hz switchable
Power consuption: 200VA
Weight: 22 kg with power supply
Dimensions :470 x 350 x 120 mm each box