KENNERTON consists of only of the best models which have incorporated the most advanced technology, highest quality materials and the best service. These headphones are designed by audiophiles for audiophiles. Kennerton cables are manufactured in JIB-Germany factory. The products are identical and have the same reference. all the connectors are from oyaide. You are invited to visit JIB-Germany website and see by yourself. the big difference is the price


Jimo - 1 300 ₪

Kennerton Jimo. Twin driver earphone Imagine you could enjoy a concert of your favorite band anywhere. Take that kilowatt stage loudspeaker, power it from your phone, and enjoy the power of a live concert. Now you can experience it with Jimo - dynamic earphones that delivers astonishing bass, thanks to a dedicated subwoofer driver. These headphones provide quality, clarity and speed.

Algiz - 1 700 ₪

Kennerton Algiz. For Algiz, driver and housing were made together from scratch, and were carefully matched to each other in the process. Unique high-perfomance dynamic 10mm composite driver delivers unparalleled clarity and precision compared to other headphones available today. For instance, most armature drivers can successfully play only up to 10kHz when used alone. Our driver can play from 20Hz to far beyond 20kHz easily, covering all frequencies human ear can receive. Audiophile-grade cable for best sound experience. Remote-control cable for easy on-the-go use with any smartphone. 2 sound attenuator audio filters to choose from.

FA-011 10th Anniversary Edition - 2 350 ₪

This model was designed and developed by Kennerton team in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the parent company Fischer Audio. In this model, we have tried to keep all the best in the Fischer Audio FA-011 and FA-011 Limited Edition and combine it with a new experience we have gained when creating Kennerton flagships.

Vali - 4 680 ₪

Kennerton Vali Entirely developed and handcrafted in Russia, the open-back Kennerton’s Vali headphones are using newest components to deliver the best listening experience while creating an aesthetically memorable product. With Kennerton‘s Vali, we succesfully achieved a lively, natural sound, that finely strikes in the balance of neither being too dark and congested, nor overly bright and sharp. Its sound signature is wide and open, yet clear and powerful, befitting the best qualities from a dynamic headphones.


Kennerton Odin. In our eyes, we see the perfect headphone as a cross-breed of the dynamic and electrostatic technologies combined into one. Whereby taking the airy and extremely detailed sound of an electrostatic driver, and combining it with the power and impact of a dynamic transducers. This enables us to achieve a sound that’s both natural and engaging.


Interconnect HF-005 - 1 150 ₪

Morganite Series cable offers great middle and high frequencies resolution. It allows more spacious and deep soundstage for an ever greater "you are there" feel.

XLR - HF-007 - Pair - 1 190 ₪

This highest-quality Hi-Fi cable features three 1,75-mm2 high quality BC Copper (low levels of iron and magnesium) inner conductors, many isolating layers of LPDE and PVC covered with thick nylon mesh fabric, allows perfect signal quality and the great protection from mechanical interruptions without losing flexibility.

Speaker cable

Speaker Cable SB-005B - Pair - 3 240 ₪

Obsidian speaker cable as an ultimate cable. Based on 4mm highest quality BC Copper inner conductors, which consists of 350 individual wires, twisted together, and arranged in matched custom pattern. This composition provides uncompromising low-end responce, while maintaining great high-frequency resolution

Headphone cable

Custom Litz Cable - 1 850 ₪

Handmade premium cable with using multifilament conductors in individually sleeve each of our four custom manufactured natural silk isolated stranded OFC wires, which is then braided to improve sound quality and decline interference noise.


Stand - 410 ₪

Headphones stand Praetor by Kennerton Audio now available for all our customers. Stand Praetor has been designed and manufactured in St. Petersburg. It made of crosswise cut of ecologically clean oak species. The texture of the wood makes your stand unique. Put in plainly, there are no two identical stands.