Searching for the perfect sound ain`t an easy task. Sound can`t be verbalized, the easist way is that to experience sound. The firsttrails to build good speakers started in 1986. Afters years of gaining experience and comparisons with existing systems we felt ready to start our own production of a range of speakers and to market it under the brand name ICHOS.


Ichos N° ONE MKII/SE - 77000₪/88000₪

With our N° ONE we try to accomplish the optimum in the area of passiv loudspeakers. Handcraft till the smallest detail. As in the case of all of our sound converters the broad-bands are subject of a particular process. Our point of view is, that frequency separating filters work as a „brake“ mechanism. We don’t want to integrate such „brakes“ into our speakers. Just the opposite, the broad-band is directly connected to the exit-point of the amplifier and is, due to the particular treatment ,able to guarantee an emittance in an optimal way without any distorsion up to appr. 6,5 kHz.

Ichos N° Three MKII/SE - 48800₪/55000₪

The aesthetical total impression of the N° THREE is, thanks to just 28 cm of width, very elegant. Our concept to include the listening room into our case-conception works through horns which radiate to the ground. The circulation of the air–volume over the ground facilitates a much more homogeneous and inobtrusive reproduction of the bass-sound.

Ichos N° Four MKII/SE - 37000₪/42500₪

The N° FOUR MK II is an elegant stand-speaker paired with an excellent sound-volume, a respectable deep-bass as well as a subtle definition on the highest level. The basic concept has been copied from our bigger speakers but the tweeter has been integrated into the case. The bass-deflection is carried out by an outbound horn to the ground. This assures an ideal connection of the bass to the room whatsoever music direction you prefer, whether you prefer it quietly or rather loudly, as our complete range of speakers the N°FOUR stands for unlimited freedom and music enjoyment.