Feel great and dynamic sound created by a combination of SABRE PRO Flagship ES9038PRO DAC and OPA627BP Precision High-Speed OP Amp

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High Performance System & Customdesigned Software

Equipped with Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 processor running at 1.0GHz, 64Bit/1000MIPS Microcontroller and custom-designed software, the X45Pro is a perfect high performance audio system platform to delivery great sound and versatile functions

Feel wondeful and Dynamic sound

You can feel great sound of reference-level delivered by a perfect combination of Sabre PRO flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip and OPA627BP OP Amp. By supporting up to PCM 768Khz sample rate and DSD 512, the X45Pro brings greater resolution and a more dynamic sound to satisfy audiophiles' desire for perfect sound.

Isolated power circuit design for digital and analogue parts with aluminum shielded Toroidal Transformer and custom-designed SMPS

To minimize electrical and idle noises, power source circuit for digital and analogue parts is designed isolatedly, and Toroidal Transformer and SMPS are perfectly shielded with aluminum.

The reference-level high performance Player & DAC created by accumulated in-house R&D know-how and qualified components adoption

Based on ESS Sabre PRO flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip and OPA627BP Precision High-Speed Operational Amplifier with 64Bit XMOS chip, TCXO oscillator, isolated power source circuit design technology, completely shielded high-quality Toroidal Transformer and in-house R&D know-how for circuit designing, the X45Pro well deserves a device for highend audiophiles

XMOS 64Bit/1000MIPS 16 Core Powerful Microcontroller for high-performancen USB DAC function for PC users

X45Pro USB DAC function can support up to PCM 768Khz/32Bit, DSD Native 512 and MQA

Beautiful Aluminum Enclosure fabricated by precision CNC machine

The X45Pro whole enclosure is precisely crafted with beautiful glasssanding aluminum, which is fabricated by precision CNC machine.

High quality Analog Out terminal

High quality with well-shielded analogue out terminal guarantees lossless signal transmission

Balanced & Unbalanced Analogue Out

Balanced XLR: Dynamic Range : 137dB(Max 6.5Vrms, stereo) THD +N: 0.0003%Unbalanced RCA: Dynamic Range: 137dB(Max 2Vrms, stereo) THD +N: 0.0003%

USB Audio Class 2.0 Output

An external USB DAC can be connected for PC users

DAB+ Tuner and FM Radio Tuner

For high quality digital radio, X45Pro offers DAB+ tuner also

Phono In(Moving Magnet) for a turntable

Default sensitivity is 7.5mVrms and controllable 3.75~15mVrms

6.35mm Headphone Out at the front

X45Pro offers Headphone Out with sensitivity of 100mW+100mW@1Khz, 600ohm, 0.006% THD

Two(2) High speed USB 3.0 USB host port

For quick data transfer purpose, X45Pro offers two(2) high speed USB3.0 Host Ports at rear side