Auris Audio


Fortino 6550 - 22 900 ₪

The audio market, where a low sensitive speaker is predominating, caused enhanced demand for audio amplifiers of higher power. Auris Audio Fortino 6550 can be best described as an integrated amplifier artwork ..

Fortino 88 - 36 500₪

Constantly striving for perfection of its products, Auris R&D team have dedicated days of hard work finalizing our latest project - Fortino88 integrated amplifier.

Forte 150

Auris Audio Forte 150 is a mono power amplifier. The selected premium components guarantee an extraordinary experience while wooden sides cushion the vibrations and reduce the outside impact on the sound. Each output tube has separate instrument to allow you a complete visual control of the adjusted bias at every moment.


D2D Dac

THE BIG BROTHER OF Auris Audio D1D High End DAC with PCM 32 bit/384kHz and DSD Native codec. 3 x COAX S/PDIF and 3 x Optical Tos Link enables connection of several digital sources. Amanero USB DAC implemented ...


Digital to analog converter with implemented preamp option and headphone amplifier make this product usable for wide range of systems. Based on the D1D, upgraded with preamp or direct mode and the best solid state headphone amplifier will allow you to use it in many systems. Easy to use and uniquely designed with remote control from solid aluminium.

Headphone Amp.

Euterpe - 6 900 ₪

Euterpe is designed in a single ended configuration with integrated audiophile asynchronous DAC xMos/ESS Sabre, which allows you to use digital sources such as PC or mobile device.